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Ty Segall & White Fence- "I'm Not A Game"

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[audio:] A fun, old school-sounding track from Ty Segall & White Fence. Since building buzz for himself in the mist of 2009's lo-fi craze, Ty Segall has become a major player in the world of rough, rowdy, self-recorded garage rock. White Fence is a bit of an underdog in the style, but clearly has the ability to work on the same level of Ty, bringing a lot of chemistry to this track. Something about the song's build just makes me want to shake my hips like I’m doing the twist. Then when it finally breaks into some distorted, screeching guitars and vocals my entire body starts gyrating until I have to get out of my chair to satisfy my insatiable urge to dance.

The collaborative track this album comes from, Hair, is set to release April 24 on Drag City.