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Dope Body- "Lazy Slave" (Loved)

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A track from the forthcoming Dope Body album, Natural History, which will be out on May 22nd via Drag City Records.

"Lazy Slave" is pretty heavy listen. Dope Body sure does love its riffs and its low-end frequencies. However, the quartet presents something that's far from metal. On this particular track, Dope Body's energy is much more akin to that of punk and psychedelic rock. I have no clue where the eccentric, high-pitched shrieks are coming from, though. Oh, that must just be a bit of the group's own personality peeking through. Comparisons can only take you so far, folks.

But, yes, Dope Body is not the first band to be this aggressive, sure. But what makes this track stand out so much for me is that the group is too weird for words, delivering squealing guitars, strange lyrics, and an even stranger vocal delivery. The band is equal parts heavy and colorful.