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Mount Eerie- "To the Ground"

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It was just over a week ago that former Microphones frontman Phil Elverum announced the release of two new albums this year under his Mount Eerie project, but the prolific singer-songwriter hasn't stopped there. Elverum has also revealed a new single entitled "To the Ground" that will precede the two LPs. The 7" features collaborations with Nicholas Krgovich of P:ano, Gigi, and No Kids, the latter with whom Elverum released a split a few years back. The title track, which you can stream above, will be accompanied by another song titled "The Mouth of Sky (M.I.D.I. Strings)."

The track fortunately does not disappoint. Elverum sports what I consider to be one of his strongest melodies in recent memory, which is enhanced by reinforcement from what I assume are Krgovich's background vocals. The song is further supported by effective choices in instrumentation, pulling together a combination of electronic and acoustic percussion to create a memorable set of rhythms. It's an assuring testament to Elverum's consistency as a songwriter, and it truly has my mouth watering for the two Mount Eerie albums that will be dropping later in the year.

Look for the 7" on April 10 via Atelier Ciseaux, and if you're looking to get a physical copy, be sure to snag one before its 300 copies run out.