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Open Mike Eagle- Rent Party Extension

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Download: Open Mike Eagle- Rent Party Extension Los Angeles-based rapper Open Mike Eagle recently dropped a five-track EP that, like many of the best things in life, is free. Titled Rent Party Extension, the EP brings in a handful of features, including Milo, who put out the Loved Listed I Wish My Brother Rob Was Here last year, and Roots collaborator Hot Sugar. The release serves as an appetizer for the full-length that the MC is supposedly putting out in June. In the mean time, check out what Open Mike Eagle calls "grown, broke nerd theme musics" by heading here for a free download. Scope the track list and cover art below:

Track List: 1. 5ree Thinkers (prod. Hot Sugar) 2. Amped (feat. Eagle Nebula) (prod. Alpha MC) 3. Neighbor (prod. Infinity Rock) 4. Boss Fight (feat. Milo) 5. Rent Party Revolution (Taco Neck Remix)