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Maudlin Maladies- Time for Bed

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I Think It's Time for Bed is a charming album by Maudline Maladies. I haven't heard anything similar to this album in a while. It is a modern album, produced and recorded to sound much older. It reminds me a bit of the fantastic O Brother Where Art Thou? soundtrack from 2000. (Not just cause they both have covers of "You Are My Sunshine"--but the title track is a definite album highlight, with fun banjo, and heavy keys. My only real gripe about this album is the confusing use of reverb. At times, the vocal effect is exactly correct, pinning down that old-timey feel (You Are My Sunshine [Reprise]) whereas elsewhere (Strawberry Blonde) the reverb is overwhelming, and sounds distinctly modern, and out of step with the rest of the album.  That said, if you are looking for some relaxing backyard music for the coming summer, this is a viable option.