The Needle Drop

The Magnetic Fields- "Quick"


The Magnetic Fields have always had an unconventional approach to love songs so it's only fitting that their videos follow suit. In their new video for "Quick!"--which is a track fromo their most recent studio effort Love at the Bottom of the Sea--a strange woman who shares housing sensibilities with Oscar the Grouch falls in love with a fellow trash can dweller. The video powerfully portrays the longing to express one's love for someone as crippled by shyness in the same playful and quirky way Stephin Merritt employs in his music.

In addition, the producers of the video left fans a delightful little easter egg in the video description, listing the cast as "Ada" and "Blom." Put these names together and you get Adam Blom, an obscure 19th century author whose book The Biograph of a New York Scrub details her less than successful attempts to find love in a charming and self-effacing style very much akin to Merritt.