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Jessica Pratt- "Night Faces"

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As Pitchfork's Jenn Pelly says "To say that Jessica Pratt is an old soul would be a vast understatement." Listening to the young, San Francisco-based singer-songwriter's enchanting voice and hypnotic guitar playing is akin to stepping into a time machine straight to the 1960s. "Night Faces" is not the type of song that demands attention, but through its skeletal beauty, its quiet artistry, it ensnares the ears and the soul of whoever listens to it. Pratt's voice is soft and comforting, her lyrics melancholy, culminating in a very palpable sense that while the world might not be perfect, things will all be okay in the end. While the aforementioned temporally transportive nature of the track is very much true, the song also has the power to stop the world around it, leaving nothing but the listener, Pratt, and her guitar.

Jessica Pratt's eponymous debut is out now via Birth Records.