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MØ- "Pilgrim"

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What an interesting track we have here. Operating out of Copenhagen, MØ is the sophisticated electro-pop endeavor of Karen Marie Ørsted who distinguishes herself from the legions of female-lead electro-pop projects out on the blogosphere with compositions that, despite their frigid origins, exhibit warmth, emotion, and even fun. Incorporating steel drums, horns, and sparkling xylophone, "Pilgrim" radiates a unique, upbeat vibe and when paired with MØ's impassioned vocals on the chorus, culminate to form a sexy pop song with a lot of staying power. The production of the track is also worth highlighting as it perfectly spotlights every detail at play in the song and provides a nice layer of pop sheen without crossing into saccharine territory. Overall, thanks to tasteful production choices and artistic finesse, MØ deliver just the brand of unique pop I've been looking for.

MØ is currently diligently working on her debut album.