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Moss - "Horrible Nights"

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British doom metal band Moss is gearing up to release their third full-length studio record. Titled Horrible Night, the LP will include this (sort of) title track, "Horrible Nights," which you can stream above. Look for the album on March 25 in the U.K. and April 2 in North America by way of Metal Blade Records.

"Horrible Nights" has all the ingredients that make up a solid doom song: guitar that supplies a thick low end, a lurching tempo, and a long run-time--the latter isn't a necessary staple, though. Spanning eleven minutes, the track explores each of these components, delegating vocalist Olly Pearson to lead with a style that ranges from mid-range clean singing to atmospheric screams. At the very least, it seems that "Horrible Nights" will be an appropriate opening statement for Horrible Night.