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The Postal Service - "A Tattered Line of String"

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Recently there's been a ton of buzz about the Postal Service due to the duo's recent reformation. Of course, people are drooling over the possibility of a new album, and there's some titillation over this new song that's streaming in the YouTube video above; however, I'm just skeptical as to how excited I should get, because all of these recent events just feel orchestrated in the name of the soon-to-be-released reissue of the Service's only full-length album, Give Up. I love Give Up, I'd love for more people to hear it, but I would love some new material, too.

When I say "new material," though, I mean stuff that isn't like the track streaming above. As far as Postal Service tracks go, it's pretty weak. The beat ruins any chance of enjoying the smooth, melodic qualities the duo's music usually showcases, and the hook is pretty flavorless as well, in my opinion. If this track is actually a new recording--and not just some b-side--it doesn't feel like a new era for the duo. It's more like a speedy and less detailed version of what I'm already used to.

Still, I'm sure this forthcoming reissue of Give Up will be absolutely worth it for indie pop listeners who are new to the Postal Service. However, I don't expect much more than for Ben and Jimmy to split apart once again after this release and some live performances. I'd like to be proven wrong, though.