The Needle Drop

Hanz - "Count"

New TracksNicholas KindrachukComment

Experimental dance vibes aplenty in the new single from the previously mentioned, Hanz.

Beginning with an introduction that sounds like a sample grabbed from Iggy Pop's The Idiot, and continuing into a deep, eerie synth groove that Hanz adds and takes samples away just as quickly. It's as if he wants to just tease various ways the song into a full electronic dance jam. Instead the dark vibe continues steady while these flashes of drums, vocals, and layers add atmosphere rather than full on evolution. Then there is sudden change where the base layer of the song changing to a more drum rattling variation. All new samples continue to have elements a song with brimming over the top with layers, instead there are only flashes of these and taking them away adds an extra emphasis on the stripped down nature on “Count."