The Needle Drop

Action Bronson & Danny Brown – “Bad News” (Prod. The Alchemist)

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If any two emcees are perfectly suited to be featured on a track made exclusively for Grand Theft Auto V produced by The Alchemist, it's most assuredly Action Bronson and Danny Brown. Danny's energetic, spastic and animated voice inflections and flow are perfectly matched with ALC's subterranean, warped production, while Bronson brings his usual larger-than-life personality and lyricism to the proceedings. You can almost see Brown and Bronson sitting side by side in a burned out hooptie, rust spots, cracked rear view mirror and all, desperately speeding and swerving through the streets of any American metropolis, evading the clutches of cops and robbers alike. The Alchemist always knows how to bring out the darkest and dankest in even the most animated emcees, and he does exactly that on "Bad News" with a meticulous precision that in production that he's now famous for.

-Ron Grant