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GrandSims - "Empire" ft. Akbar Shabazz

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Well, let's hope GrandSims is slightly self-aware while making his claims in "Empire," which you can watch above. He's not that different from God apparently, and he presides over a coast-to-coast empire. Bold assertions for an artist whose video is hardly breaking 1,000 views. However, that's not to say he doesn't deserve one.

"Empire" starts with a rhythmic chant, before abruptly exploding into spacey trap in the vein of Yung Lean's debut Unknown Memory. However, where Lean embraces hooks and parody, GrandSims swaps a ferocious Houston flow and atonal production. The synths that hover above the sparse snares and kicks don't invite casual drugged out listening but grate and demand attention. So do the constant changes in tempo and production. Lyrically, aside from the braggadocio GrandSims states his mission and he states it clearly, "Fuck all that Molly / Fuck all that bling / Mind stays focused over only one thing". Maybe his claims shouldn't be taken lightly. Maybe he means what he says. And I'm wondering after watching this video, maybe he's talented be that bold.

-Garrett Cottingham