The Needle Drop

THEESatisfaction - "Recognition"


Feel free to add this to your growing list of music to look forward to in 2015: Alternative hip hop and R&B duo THEESatisfaction have a new album on the way titled EarthEE. Like their last LP, awE naturalE, this record will be released via Sub Pop Records, and will most likely feature the kind of intergalactic soul featured on the track embedded above, "Recognition"

The panoramic rhythms, chants, and deep space synths on this cut are alluring and intoxicating. Despite the gentle demeanor of the music here, it's hard not to get whipped up in the song's ecstasy. Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris-White seem are sounding more ambitious here, and seem to be creating music for another dimension entirely.

Of course, it's not surprising to hear the vocals of Palaceer Lazaro hanging in the background as well, and I'm looking forward to any other appearances he might mack on this forthcoming record, too.

Look for EarthEE on February 24th.