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It Came from Bandcamp: October 2015

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You fearless soul...

Last month we introduced y'all to PA duo Abortion Collective (Lamar the Dragon Dildo and Yellow Moon), who pride themselves on producing the "worlds [sic] shittiest music known to man," and on the previous page you got a chance to familiarize yourself with Vortex of Crap. Yeah, you can see that they at one point decided to join forces and the package speaks for itself. Remember us writing that we couldn't imagine the crap-music bar being set any higher/lower? We're already forced to eat those words.

OK, so you're coming off a Yellow Moon & Vortex of Crap collab. We're sympathetic to your plight and will offer another diamond in the rough. This two-part progressive basement jam backing readings of Buddhist philosopher Daisaku Ikeda is more listenable than it has any right to be.

If Stiggmatter Ink wasn't transcendent enough for you, perhaps this will be more your speed. Surely you've seen or posted your fair share of "Into the trash it goes" memes, but have you ever considered what the journey to the trash is like? Apparently the Recycle Bin is nirvana and the process by which you enter this enlightened state entails making a few half-assed vaporwave tracks.

This wouldn't be a thorough exploration of the seedy underbelly of Bandcamp without some mention of cucking. Thankfully, power electronics duo CUCK has us more than covered.

Saving the best for last, we finally come to /mu/'s epic meme symphony Absolute Madness and its just about equally ambitious sequel. Without the slightest bit of cynicism, we salute all the /mu/tants who put their time and energy into these — they're just the showstoppers we needed to close out this article.

That'll do for now. Hopefully you enjoyed this quasi-Halloween edition of the segment. If you're starting to feel a migraine coming on, that means it's working.

Don't hesitate to tip us off on any strange and trashy shit that you want covered in the future; post that stuff in the comments. These articles will now routinely be posted over the last weekend of the month. Until next time, we can only imagine what other abominations will be lying in wait for us...on Bandcamp.