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Top-15 EPs of 2014


IT'S MY TOP-15 FAVORITE EPS OF 2014! EPs may not be as long as albums, but that doesn't mean there isn't great music on them, right? Here are some of my favorite short collections of tracks that dropped throughout the year. I didn't get a chance to review all of them, but come away from this list knowing I think they're all worth checking out.

Psymun - Pink Label

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Downtempo rhythms and organic hip-hop create a wonderfully drab atmosphere to crawl into on Psymun's new album, Pink Label. Taking cues from the recent emphasis on texture in wonky and instrumental hip hop, Psymun creates neverendingly interesting soundscapes that seem to inhabit a dark, yet livable space.

Album standout "ok" also wanders into the world of ethereal guitar permeating the alternative world at the moment. Think of it as an even drearier version of the Zoo Kid's "Out Getting Ribs" without vocals. While at times the album's musical inspirations can feel too directly plucked from their sources, the styles that are mashed up here fit so well together and have been blended so little that the album never feels derivative.