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codename dancer

Flatlander- "Codename Dancer"

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In a way, Death Grips' earth-shattering the Money Store from earlier this year was most notably a representation of the contributions of Andy Morin, a.k.a. Flatlander, to the project. Of course, vocalist Stefan Burnett and percussionist Zach Hill were most certainly providing quite a bit of weight themselves, but Flatlander's rich, electronic production took a more prominent role than it had on any of the group's past work, and ultimately was one of the main aspects that set it apart from those prior releases.

Taking this newly released solo track into consideration, Flatlander's role on the Money Store begins to make even more sense. Appropriately titled "Codename Dancer," the song finds the producer diving head first into his electronic dance influences. A four-to-the-floor beat, playful synthesizer hooks, and colorful samples all come together in a four-minute long exploration of unabashed dance music. It may not have quite the anthemic memorability as a Death Grips highlight like "Hacker," but "Codename Dancer" still successfully shows that Flatlander knows a thing or two about making bangers.