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Back in March, I told you to meet Foodman, and now he's got a new full-length out I'd love for you to hear. As usual, the guy keeps his tracks pretty short, landing under two minutes much of the time; however, that doesn't prevent his tracks from having any impact. Many of them seem so off-kilter and abstract, that they continually engage. Enjoy!

Various Artists - 420 Love Songs (Second 40)

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You may remember that about a month ago we posted the first 40 in what a collective of underground musicians are hoping will be 420 love songs. This time, the project has expanded to make room for a lot of new faces; bringing the chances of this thing reaching 420 songs so much higher.

As far as the style, sound of these tracks go, they're all pretty rough and lo-fi, which I know won't appeal to everybody. I will also say that a lot of the tracks here, I think, rely on a more abstract portrayal of the love songs. However, there are quite a few tracks that feel pretty inspired from an emotional standpoint, and make this a project worth rooting for. Enjoy!


Teebs- "Cook, Clean, Pay The Rent (New House Version)"

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Electronic music producer Teebs will be dropping a new release on November 8th via Brainfeeder. Though I wasn't in love with this last album, Ardour, there were still some tracks that drew up some pretty interesting sounds.

I'm feeling that way about the first track to drop from Teebs' forthcoming mini-album, too. The quirky, Laurie Johnson-esque melodies feel like they'd fit snugly into the theme for a vintage sci-fi radio program. The beat is pretty pleasant, too.

The song's title is "Cook, Clean, Pay The Rent (New House Version)," and the mini-album's title is Collections 01. Like the number implies, this is going to be a bit of an ongoing series here.