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Crystal Stilts - "Future Folklore"

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Considering how much I loved Crystal Stilts' last album, of course I'm looking forward to their next LP, Nature Noir. The album is looking at a release on Sacred Bones records on September 17th, and this newly released cut titled "Future Folklore" comes off a lot clearer than most of the band's songs. The things is Crystal Stilts' recordings are typically layered, smudgy, and a little psychedelic. With a straightforward groove and some raw rock 'n' roll guitar leads, "Future Folklore" is one of the Stilts' most intelligible songs yet. However, I wouldn't mark it as a bad move. The group definitely comes through with a significant amount of swagger despite their usual deadpan vocal delivery. Enjoy!

Also, check this other Nature Noir track, "Star Crawl."

Crystal Stilts - "Star Crawl"

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One of New York's trippiest, strangest, and most surreal garage rock acts has announced a new album--title: Nature Noir--and you can stream the first track to drop from it via the embed above. While I wouldn't exactly call it a "hit," the band does manage deliver something that's simultaneously blissful and awkward. Ah, ambivalence!

Check a glowing review for the band's last record below:

Crystal Stilts- "Dark Eyes"

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A new track from the band Crystal Stilts. This New York band dropped one of my favorite albums of this year, so of course I'm excited to hear the forthcoming EP this track comes from. The title will be Radiant Door, and it's slated for a November 15th release via Sacred Bones.

This band's music has always been covered in an eerie, hazy, and Velvet Underground-esque vibe, but the hand claps and acoustic guitar on this track, "Dark Eyes," is an unexpected and refreshing change of pace.

The song doesn't really stand out past the effects, but that usually is the case with Crystal Stilts. One or two extra listens are needed to get the full scope of what they're offering.

Crystal Stilts- In Love With Oblivion


On their latest album, Crystal Stilts brings what made their full-length debut great while still adding some extra sounds to the mix. The tunes here are much more upbeat, and there are a few legit hits that sneak their way into the track list like "Shake the Shackles" and "Through the Floor."

In addition to that, piano and organ show up a lot more, too. They actually grab more attention than the guitar a many of these tracks, creating a lazily smashed back beat that reminds me of the Velvet Underground's "Sister Ray"--which isn't a bad tune to share similarities with, honestly.

The lyrics bring up a lot of surrealist imagery, and the invasive reverb only intensifies the dreamy soundscape.

Though Crystal Stilts wear their influences pretty proudly, there's something about them that keeps me from listening to the influences instead. There's spooky and ominous delivery to their music that just hypnotizes me into pressing the play button again and again.