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The Voidz - "Leave It in My Dreams" / "QYURRYUS"

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Fresh off a name simplification, The Voidz have shared the lead single from their upcoming sophomore album, Virtue. "Leave It in My Dreams" is certainly more modest than the epic "Human Sadness," which served as the first taste of the band's full-length debut, Tyranny. This new track actually smacks more of The Strokes than The Voidz, but is ever so slightly more off-kilter and hypnagogic. That said, it's a catchy tune and is more enjoyable than what The Strokes have been up to in recent years. We're optimistic about the new album so long as the band balances out straightforward songs like this one with something more far out...

That's the spice.

Virtue is due out March 30 via RCA and Cult.

Karen O - "Rapt"

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs front woman Karen O recently announced her first solo album, Crush Songs, and everyone was wondering what it would sound like. Would it just be another YYYs album? Well, here comes the first taste, a song called "Rapt," and for those who have been paying attention to O's career, it isn't much of a shock. While it sounds a little like a lo-fi track that wouldn't have felt out of place on PJ Harvey's Uh Huh Her, it is also very much a Karen O song.

The song actually originates from her brief stint under the moniker Native Korean Rock from a few years back. It centers on a patient, simple acoustic strum, and a very direct vocal. "Do I really need / Another habit like you?" O sings in the chorus, deciding that yes she thinks she might. The song clocks in under two minutes, which is enough. Yeah Yeah Yeahs have done acoustic renditions of their songs before, and they sound a bit like this. The minimalistic video, directed by her husband and production designed by K.K. Barrett (Oscar-nominated for Her), depicts O floating around underwater in a bright red dress, her blonde shock of hair gone brown again. None of this is too complicated, which is why it works. O has always sounded quite comfortable in a more intimate setting, and this little ditty has me looking forward to the album.

Crush Songs is out September 9 via Cult.