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Death Grips - "Hahaha"

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“Hahaha” is the fourth single from Death Grips' upcoming album Year of the Snitch, whose June 22 release date has just been revealed.

The track samples a number of Death Grips’ past songs, most apparently "Lock Your Doors" in the intro. It also features pervasive record scratching contributed by DJ Swamp, who is said to be featured on the majority of the album. These elements, along with the slew of sudden instrumental shifts, put “Hahaha” among the trio's most disorienting and multi-faceted tracks.

Death Grips - "Black Paint"

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Death Grips’ upcoming album Year of the Snitch was announced in April, but still does not have a release date. However, this second single, “Black Paint,” could be a sign that Year of the Snitch is arriving soon.

The band started teasing Year of the Snitch last September with the “Death Grips is Online” meme, which is also the title of the album’s opening track. The most eccentric part of this album rollout so far is the abrasive tracklist video that included screaming vocals from MC Ride accompanied by a dark, unsettling, and confusing video clips.

Heavy, distorted guitar riffs and Zach Hill’s energetic drumming make “Black Paint” one of Death Grips’ most rock-centric songs. It contrasts with “Streaky,” the album’s lead single, which centered around dissonant synths and electronic percussion. MC Ride’s vocal delivery contrasts starkly between the two singles as well. While “Streaky” featured Ride’s cooler lower-register, on “Black Paint” he screams cryptic, paranoid lyrics full-volume.

-Owen Murray