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Vince Staples - "Get the Fuck Off My Dick"

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Earlier this week Vince Staples launched a GoFundMe campaign called “GTFOMD” with a goal of two million dollars to fund his early retirement. In the campaign's video, Staples himself responded to fans complaining about his energy at shows and the production choices on his latest album, Big Fish Theory, by saying he’ll go away forever if the campaign reaches its goal. “Get off my dick, or fund my lifestyle,” he concluded.

The other day, Staples took the joke/statement a step further by releasing a song titled after his crowdfunding campaign. In the song, Staples reaffirms that he isn’t out to please anyone and goes into more detail about his issues with the hip hop industry. The song’s instrumental is of the same electronic sound that fans have taken issue with, but it is not nearly as high energy as cuts from Staples’ last album like “BagBak” or “Yeah Right.”

Big Fish Theory came out in 2017 and it doesn't seem as though this single indicates that a follow up is imminent. However, Staples has featured on a few projects since then, including Billie Eilish’s debut EP don’t smile at me and the Black Panther OST.

-Owen Murray