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Eric Copeland - "Cheap Treat"

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Experimental music veteran, Eric Copeland--of Black Dice and Terrestrial Tones fame--has a new album on the way titled Joke in the Hole. It is scheduled for release this week, and is the artist's first full-length on DFA Records.

Recently, Copeland shared the track, "Cheap Treat;" a catchy three-minute-long groove propelled by spacey synth, distorted guitar, and a very chill marimba. While the breezy piece is bookended by fleeting moments of atonality, the main riff manages to come across as incredible smooth. Enjoy!

Holy Ghost! - "Teenagers In Heat" (LOVED)

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Some strong, melodic, and catchy dance pop from the guys in Holy Ghost! on the song streaming above, "Teenagers In Heat."

It's a track that's been co-produced by James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem, and I think the band's direction on this song is pretty interesting. It's just as pop-oriented as one would expect if you've heard the band's debut LP, but Holy Ghost! seems to be shedding a bit of that post-punk and DFA-centered edginess that made their debut a little aggressive.

Instead, they're embracing their new wave side, " target="_blank">which they've done before, but they're coming through with much more melody this time around; they're coloring their songs with numerous synth layers for a prettier impression.

The vocals are still really emotive, and the groove is undeniable as well! Enjoy!

Check a review for the band's debut LP below:

Factory Floor - "Fall Back" (LOVED)


Factory Floor "Fall Back" (Official Video) from DFA Records on Vimeo.

Factory Floor is back with a new dance single that should do really well by the twisted standards of the band's post-punk fanbase. The group pulls together an extremely dancefloor-worthy jam that lasts 8 minutes with nothing more than some tight drums, listless vocals, and sequenced synth riffs. They vary things enough to keep it interesting, but stay consistent to the point of catching hypnotic dance fever.

Grab the song via DFA on the 15th.

Holy Ghost!- "It Gets Dark" (LOVED)

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New York synth pop outfit Holy Ghost! has a new track out titled "It Gets Dark," which is getting a vinyl single release on DFA Records. It's the first piece of new, original music the band has dropped since its solid full-length debut last year, and I'm absolutely loving it.

The song is absolutely infectious with its "I hope it all falls apart mantra," and the pulsating synth bassline is to die for. There are loads of atmospheric synth textures filling the air like a decked out smoke machine, and the great recording keeps these guys a cut above most groups shooting for the whole throwback synth pop aesthetic. Good on Holy Ghost! for cranking out another great single.

Shit Robot- "Space Race"

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"Space Race" is the b-side to a new 12" single written by Irish music producer Marcus Lambkin, a.k.a. Shit Robot. It's being released through DFA records, and follows Robot's 2010 album, From the Cradle To the Rave.

While "Space Race" features a sharp, crisp, and punchy dance groove, there's something sci-fi about the glossy synths that slide flawlessly against the rhythms here. You could probably compare it to any number of soundtracks attached to space-themed movies released in the 80s. You could compare it to Zombi or Vangelis as well, sure, but those artists don't make me want to dance until the sun comes up. That, my friend, is what's happening here.

YACHT- "Utopia"

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The second track to drop from YACHT's forthcoming album, Shangri-La, which is looking at a June 21st release on DFA Records. We've already dropped “Dystopia (The Earth Is On Fire)," but this track is much more nimble.

"Utopia" does flips over quick guitar chords and a speedy disco bassline. I love how the doubled vocals lay so cultishly against each other in this song, too. I just picture a group of 30-somethings dance in multi-colored track suits to a crowd of people they're trying to fool into joining in with some sort of pyramid scheme--that's how I see it anyway.