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Tobacco - "Streaker" ft. Notrabel

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Black Moth Super Rainbow frontman Tobacco will drop his third solo album Ultima II Massage next month, and from what we've heard so far, it's gonna be a filthy, scuzzy affair. Now, if you thought lead single "Eruption" wasn't filthy or scuzzy enough, this new one "Streaker" might just scratch that dirty itch of yours. This new song proffers perhaps Tobacco's heaviest instrumental yet - overdriven electronics buzzing, whirring, and crashing in every which way, and even the vocodered voice is decidedly distorted and nasty compared to the lightness and gentleness typically brought by Tobacco's vocals. He doesn't care if he's harshing our buzz this time around. In fact, I think he wants to, and that's oddly refreshing. Stream the track above and enjoy!

Ultima II Massage is out May 13 via Ghostly. Check out Anthony's thoughts on Tobacco's last LP here.

Fuzz - Self-Titled

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As Fuzz, Ty Segall and Charlie Moothart bring the incredibly high level of distortion and energy you'd expect from a Ty-affiliated album. However, there are a slew of different factors keeping this record from sticking out in Ty's ever-growing discography: production, songwriting, vocals. All of these things keep Fuzz from feeling like a truly distinct moment--even though Ty and Charlie are shooting for an entirely different style of rock on this record. While I did like much of what Fuzz had to offer, the lack of finer details and ambition keep this LP from having much shelf life for me, honestly.

Crocodiles- "Sleep Forever" ‡ MP3

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This September, Crocodiles are set to release the follow up to 2009's Summer of Hate; and from the sound of this new single, it looks like the band is bringing their fandom of shoegaze to a new level.

"Sleep Forever" has a huge sound. The track is about fifteen stories tall, to be exact. But it refrains from coming off as overbearing. The production slathers everything with a cavernous reverb; reinforcing an already solid wall of sound.

The sound of 60s psych is pretty tough to ignore. The chord progression, the riffs, the prominent tambourine, and the "la la" ending all have a dreamy vibe the oldest of hippies should be able to appreciate. Look for Crocodiles' new LP via Fat Possum, and grab the title track below:

MP3: Crocodiles- Sleep Forever

How do you feel about this song? Are you looking forward to this upcoming Crocodiles LP? Are you still mad they "ripped of" the Jesus & Mary Chain? Is the difference between "influencing" and "ripping off" is whether or not you like the band?