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AGF & Various - A Deep Mysterious Tone

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The new project from Finland-based electronic music producer and songwriter Antye Greie-Ripatti is a tribute to Japan's female poets over the centuries, featuring the voices of musicians Tujiko Noriko, Kyoka, Ryoko Akama, and Yu Kawabata, and the only living poet in the set, Misumi Mizuki, who reads her own work.

Moderat - II

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Stream: Moderat - II Berlin-based electronic music project Moderat has made the follow-up to its 2009 self-titled effort available to stream via NPR. Moderat is a collaboration between dance duo Modeselektor and producer Sascha Ring, a.k.a. Apparat. Like its predecessor, II is loaded with infectious synth hooks and grooves, which range from IDM to 2-Step in style. Enjoy!

II will officially be released on August 2nd through Monkeytown Records worldwide and Mute Records in the States.

M.E.S.H.- "Dusk Balm"

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German electronic music producer M.E.S.H. produces a dark atmosphere with a subtly Caribbean flavor on the track streaming above, "Dusk Balm." The smoky, fat bass synths, small vocal snippets, and ever-changing rhythm all make this song a pretty nice listen. It makes me think of what might happen if Burial and Delorean where forced into a collaboration. Interested in what this guy drops in the future.


Kangding Ray- "OR"


New video for the title track from Kangding Ray's "OR." The Germany-based electronica artist's latest album of the same title is out now, but not in America. It's currently on raster-noton, but there's always digital if the import prices are killing you.

Anyway, the tracks on OR feel light, but they groove hard. Let's say they're punching above their weight. Considering how understated the music is, this guy packs a lot of different sounds and subtleties into his tracks.

If you dug on this one, try another track from the LP right here.