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Caged Animals - "Cindy + Me"

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Caged Animals are bringing out a quirky and infectious pop sound with "Cindy + Me," and it's hitting all the right notes. The synth and bass grooves definitely add a lot to the already infectious aspects of this song--like the constantly ascending and descending guitar leads.

The quirky vocals and lyrics are hilariously accented by a pretty strange video filled with monkey scientists that are carrying out all kinds of sick, disturbing tests on this man who is clearly suffering from a broken heart. Enjoy!

Watch These Psykers Rehearsals

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With loads of strange MIDI sound effects, synths, and a live drum kit, the recently formed Psykers are on their way to producing a twisted, enthralling, and electronic monster of some sort. The handful of video rehearsals they've pulled together so far on YouTube are pretty impressive. They've even put in the effort to grab a few dancers to perform along with their noisy, textured, and groove-laden jams.

The beginning to these videos is the song "Battleship," and it's a for an awesomely foreign flavor to it. However, the third and untitled rehearsal video, I think, will grab the attention of either Death Grips or dubstep fans--maybe both. Lightning bolt? Enjoy!

Black Pus- "DEVOLVER/POLICE SONG 2" (Loved)

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Black Pus, which is the side-project pseudonym for Lightning Bolt drummer Brian Chippendale, drops a new track along with a huge recpord on his current tour with Buck Gooter and Mounds.

This track is hard as hell, I gotta tell ya. Not only does it go on for twelve minutes, but the bass rumbles on this thing are just about to split my skull in two. As usual, Chippendale's intricate drumming is dizzying and intense, keeping the groove of this track non-stop until a huge climax toward the end consisting of thick distorted bass riffs and Brian's psychedelically swirling vocals.


Pharaoh Overlord- "Rodent"

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This 10-minute monster is a track from the new Pharaoh Overlord album, Lunar Jetman. It's out now via Sige.

"Rodente" comes on slow with a simple beat and dark bassline, but it eventually swells into an acid trip of guitar leads of all shapes, sizes, and colors. From high-pitched to heavy as hell, it's all here.

Warm Digits- "Weapons Destruction"


A video from Warm Digits, which is an up-and-coming electronic music duo from the UK. Their music is a nice blend of krautrock and modern dance music. It's equal parts catchy and intricate. The song above, "Weapons Destruction," hits some pretty nice grooves as well.

Warm Digits' latest album, Keep Warm...With the Warm Digits, is out now on Distraction Recs. Grab a physical or digital copy on Bandcamp.