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One Man Metal - Part 1 - Black Metal's Unexplored Fringes

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Black Metal has always had a mysterious atmosphere to it that really plays up the aspects of anger and hate that the artists who create it generally tend to display. Noisey has taken it upon themselves to track down some artists who make this music by themselves, giving the isolation within their lyrics a whole new meaning.

I've seen some Black Metal documentaries before and have always been intrigued by the people who take it upon themselves to make music that is so genuinely cold and disturbing. With the rare interviews that Noisey was able to get with Leviathan, Striborg, and Xasthur. The first part of this three-part documentary already shows just how real this isolation is for these 3, the hate they display in their music does not seem like it is just for the sake of image at all. That is probably what makes their music so impactful to begin with, but it is far more interesting to see the men behind these projects.

Part 2 is set to release soon, here's the teaser: