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James Blake - "Don't Miss It"

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In January, James Blake released the mellow, atmospheric single “If the Car Beside You Moves Ahead.” Now he has followed it up with “Don’t Miss It,” a collaboration with Mount Kimbie’s Dominic Maker. The tender ballad has a similarly glitchy aesthetic to its predecessor and features self-reflective lyrics over an instrumental that centers around piano and electronic drums. The vocals are pitch shifted and frenetic, but sound incredibly emotional nonetheless.

In addition to his own singles, James Blake worked on “King's Dead” from the Black Panther OST and played piano on André 3000’s recent single “Look Ma No Hands.” Blake’s last album, The Colour in Anything, came out in 2016. He has not yet announced a follow-up.

-Owen Murray

James Blake - 200 Press

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Fans of the London-based producer will have new material to tide them over until the rumored release of his next full-length, expected to drop sometime in 2015. The 200 Press EP consists of four tracks that might seem strange on their own, but come across as united in their oddity.

In a change of pace from the songs on his two previous LPs, the focus is taken away from his delicate, R&B-influenced vocals; in fact, they are strikingly absent. Blake's voice only makes appearances in the form of a few wispy, intermittent production flourishes and the warped out spoken word track closing out the EP. The instrumentals across these songs are varied, departing from the more direct, saccharine melodies of Blake's recent work in favor of cryptic, sometimes harsh progressions. Underneath are some subtle 2-step and techno beats, complete with hushed and sculpted sub-bass, tight hi-hat, and all sorts of other blips and pops. Of the bunch, I think "Building It Still" is probably my favorite, but they're all definitely worth a listen.

-Tom Fullmer

Download Milo's Cavalcade

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Abstract and ultra-personal rapsmith Milo has dropped a new, free collection of tracks that he's dubbed Cavalcade. The production is handled entirely by Riley Lake, which is a name you might recognize from Milo's recent Things That Happen At Day EP, which was dropped at the start of this year.

While I wouldn't say Milo is traveling into the avant-garde of the hip hop world with this release, Cavalcade does feature some of his oddest instrumentals and verses yet. Enjoy!

James Blake - Overgrown

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