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Yamantaka // Sonic Titan - "One"

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Canadian experimental rock outfit Yamantaka // Sonic Titan has dropped a new psychedelic, hard-rocking single with "One," which features heavy guitars set against some dreamy lead vocals and foreign-flavored chants. While the cavernous reverb does take a bit of the "beef" out of Yamantaka's instrumentation, the band still comes through with a pleasantly absurd personality. Enjoy!

Look for YT // ST's next album, UZU, on Paper Bag Records on October 29th. Also, stream the band's previous album here.

Ondatrópica - "Chop 'n' Quench"

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Latin music supergroup Ondatrópica covering man, myth, legend Fela Kuti on this new single of theirs for Soundway Records. If you're unfamiliar with this band, they just so happened to put out one of the most ambitious records in modern Latin music last year. The band features approximately forty members--many of whom have long histories as performers of cumbia and Latin Jazz.

Check out a review of the band's self-titled release below:

Kayo Dot - "And He Built Him A Boat"

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Between the slightly lo-fi Gamma Knife and the incredibly out-there Coyote, I haven't been too crazy about the more recent material from Toby Driver's Kayo Dot. However, this new track the New York experimental rock band has presented has caught my attention in a very good way.

The romantic and lovingly executed guitars, primal drums, and show-stopping chorus vocals have all wormed their way into my dark and twisted SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!


Well, maybe that was a bit of overacting on my part, but the theatrical vibe of this heavy, seven-minute monster is absolutely contagious! Enjoy, and look for this cut among others on the forthcoming Kayo Dot album, Hubardo, in the fall!

The Act of Estimating as Worthless - Circadian Tremors

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Since the moment I heard them, New York's the Act of Estimating as Worthless has showcased an interesting combination of quaintly lethargic vocals and incredibly ambitious instrumentation. It's somewhat like an emotionally raw and baroque pop-influenced version of the Moldy Peaches. That similarity might have been a little too prevalent on the band's last full-length, but I'm enjoying hearing them grow into their own on a bit more with this new EP, Circadian Tremors. The band is reaching even higher with the horns and strings that typically surround their earnest, folky tunes. The songs themselves ain't bad either! Enjoy!

Stream the New Stallone EP

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Instrumental stoner rock outftit Stallone has a new EP that came out this past October. If this kinda music is up your alley, you may already be familiar with guitarist Juan Montoya due to his contributions to the band Torche on albums like Meanderthal. However, since leaving the band, it seems Stallone has become a primary focus, and it shows in the production and songwriting quality, which has greatly improved since the last EP I heard from these guys.

This EP is available on Limited Fanfare.


Matana Roberts- "vanhorne park midnight"

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Jazz experimentalist Matana Roberts drops a 10-minute solo sax piece that's as moving as it is winding. Despite a lack of boundaries due to a lack of other instruments on the track, Roberts stays incredibly sharp and focused in her playing; not letting a single moment here pass by without being given purpose. She transitions from impressive melodies to free and spastic playing fluidly, and nearly every bit of it comes through with a strong sense of emotion.

Check out Roberts' 2011 album Coin Coin Chapter One if you're yet to.