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MGMT - "Alien Days"


Check out MGMT's new video for the song "Alien Days;" it's a delightful, farm-set romp! Our main characters, a young rural couple, appear to be in a constant state of elation - frolicking, swimming, spinning in gyroscopes, experiencing childbirth...Erm, actually, that last one proves to be not so much fun. But there's also a couple of dancing aliens, so overall, the video's a joy. Check it out above!

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MGMT - "Your Life Is A Lie"

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Odd, repetitive, quirky, and playful is the new MGMT single! "Your Life Is A Lie" features a guitar riff drum beat that skips like a broken record, and is topped with lyrics that take a hilarious approach to existentialism. What's even weirder is the video attached to this thing, which takes Internet meme-style humor to a new level of absurdity. Enjoy!

MGMT - "Alien Days"

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MGMT mysteriously drops a new single over the weekend titled "Alien Days," which sees the band staying steadfast in their direction toward the more out-there sounds in psychedelic pop and rock music.

After the release of Congratulations a few years ago, MGMT saw grimaces from fans of their previous pop singles and those who marginalized the duo as yet another overnight pop sensation. Their next full-length has been forecast to be just as strange--if not stranger--than Congratulations. I don't know what this will mean for the band's career, but I know I'm looking forward to hearing what MGMT has to offer.

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MGMT- "Congratulations" ‡ VIDEO

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Dunno why, but there was a lotta MGMT hate on my favorite albums of 2010 (so far) video a while back. I'm confused because I have no idea how any fan of rock or pop could hate any album with this song on it. It's one of the best centerpieces I've heard on an LP all year. Getting away from the song, I love that this video manages to encapsulate images both endearing and depressing with nothing but sand dunes and an alien/flightless bird/puppet/creature/thing. I almost shed a tear. -