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P.O.S- "Get Down" ft. Mike Mictlan

New TracksNicholas KindrachukComment

The new tracks for the upcoming P.O.S album We Don't Even Live Here have production that feels startlingly original and could hold their own as purely electronic songs.

The beats thus far have been the work of Doomtree producer Lazerbeak who showed just how talented he is at beat making on the Doomtree album, No Kings. On "Get Down" he delivers an infectious glitched out synth hook that gives the impression that the whole song could just break down at any moment. Which given the subject matter of the songs released breathes extra life into anarchist lifestyle that P.O.S is into.

Not only does the beat deliver, but fellow Doomtree member Mike Mictlan and P.O.S go in on their verses with some solid wordplay. If you have listened to any Doomtree or P.O.S at this point you should know that these guys can flow over any beat you give them, so as great as the production is it doesn't outshine the rhymes.

We Don't Even Live Here is out October 23rd.