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Mogwai - "Eternal Panther"

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The latest B-side from Mogwai's new album Every Country's Sun finds the Glaswegian post-rockers taking a refreshing turn toward more direct songwriting. "Eternal Panther" is a short, sweet, and to the point noise rock tune in the vein of Dinosaur Jr. (I'm far from the first person to make that comparison, but it's very apt). Being a non-album track, it isn't really indicative of the band's current direction, but at any rate, Every Country's Sun drops September 1 via Temporary Residence.

Mogwai - "Remurdered"

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Famed post-rock outfit Mogwai has been undergoing some pretty big changes on their last few albums, and it's lead to some hits and some misses. However, I've never known a band like Mogwai to fold under the pressure of critical reception, and the band's next album could make for a pretty controversial move for them considering how surprising this first track to drop from it is. "Remurdered" takes the same slow-burning approach one would expect from a Mogwai song, but the band's sound here is heavily reliant on synths! It's a pretty big change from the usual layers of guitars that tend to lead the way, but I'm not really finding this track any less interesting from a compositional standpoint, honestly.

This track comes from Mogwai's forthcoming album on Sub Pop Records titled Rave Tapes. The album is looking at a January 21st release! Enjoy!

Tjutjuna - "Mousetrap"

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Tjutjuna is entrancing me with this new track off of their upcoming LP Westerner.

"Mousetrap" is the perfect name for this song as it really feels like it's closing in on me the longer it goes on. The way guitars and depth build is a big part of the feeling of being surrounded by sounds. Mogwai is what comes to mind with what I'm hearing especially in a lot of the sounds that Tjutjuna has put together. I don't think there is anything wrong with that comparison because of there is one band that knows atmospheric build up it's Mogwai, and the guys seem to have a lot to work with in that department as well.

Amenra- "Nowena I 9.10"

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Some very intense and haunting sludge metal here from Belgium's Amenra.

I really cannot stress enough just how haunting this song is. The vocals are filled with a sort of furious pain that sounds so distant like it is being sucked up by the instrumentation, but not in such a way that it feels drowned out due to the mixing. While the music provides a tension that feels unparalleled with a progression that reminds me of Mogwai the tension is somehow furthered by the visuals. The video is a bizarre clay stop motion piece that will be in my dreams for quite a while from the creepy clay figures to the actual content of the video itself. Tense and painful are the two main thoughts I associate with this track and it is done very well.

Mogwai- "Go To France"

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Stream: Mogwai- "Go To France" A new track from Mogwai's forthcoming EP, Earth Division, which follows the full-length LP Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will. The first track to drop from this EP is "Go To France," which relies heavily on strings and piano to carry the mood. And if mood is what they carry, they're holding a mountain off it.

The violin toward the beginning of this track almost sounds like it's weeping. Get me a tissue, please.

This EP will be dropping through Sub Pop on September 13th, so get ready. Stream the track via the link above, and click here to watch a review of Mogwai's Hardcore Will Never Die.