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Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "Sacrilege"

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The new Yeah Yeah Yeahs video is an awesomely emotional experience, filled with dirty secrets, hypocrisy, and murder. Kudos to Megaforce for the direction on this thing, and look out for the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs album, Mosquito, which is dropping in the middle of April. Enjoy!

Danny Brown- "Witit"

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As Danny Brown's progressed past last year's XXX, he's taken his more excessive side and thrown it into overdrive. He's managed to stay personal with tracks like "Grown Up," but "Witit" is definitely the high-water mark of this incoming tide of rhymes that pile drugs and sex on top of more drugs and sex. Of course, Danny doesn't do this direction like most MCs do. He sounds more flamboyant than ever with his high-pitched cadence, and the banger instrumental he's rapping over has a weird synth line that's reminds me of a number of moments from the new TNGHT EP. Having said that, I hope TNGHT and Danny actually cross paths in the near future. Also, NSFW!!!

Grab this track on the Deluxe version of XXX.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis- "Thrift Shop" ft. Wanz

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MC Macklemore and producer Ryan Lewis drop a new track from their forthcoming album, which is dropping in October, and they've attached this hilarious music video to it. Obviously, this track is a lot more lighthearted than the last tune these guys dropped, but I still can't help but love it. The subject and verses are great, proving you don't have to give up a party attitude or hilarity in order to be self-aware. Macklemore does both, and what's even better is that he does it in a giant fur coat!

Moritat- "Cats"

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A great new song and video from Chicago rock outfit Moritat. No obnoxious hype or melodramatic backstory here. Just a straight tune and strange video. There's some nice interplay between the guitars and drums, and structure of the track is downright progressive.

The band's new album is streamable on Bandcamp.

Death Grips- "Double Helix"

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Death Grips drops some new visuals for the track "Double Helix." Like most music videos from these guys, the concept is simple, the budget it low, but it still manages to achieve a weird originality. Rapping into the camera built into the back of a car that's supposed to help drivers avoid accidents an incredibly "Death Grippy" concept. It actually works really well. The grainy, digital video quality looks like something you'd catch on one of those specials on TV where cops are pulling over crazy drunk drivers or something. If MC Ride isn't inebriated in this video, he certainly fits the crazy criteria. HUMP THAT CAR!

Watch a review of Death Grips' latest album right here.

Joey Bada$$- "Hardknock" ft. CJ Fly

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Brooklyn MC Joey Bada$$ comes off a little round around the edges on his new track and music video, but there's a heart-breaking sincerity in his words on "Hardknock." The instrumental behind him and the featured CJ Fly is forlorn, pushing a chord progression you've probably picked up on in a number of songs--now that I think of it, the instrumental actually reminds me of the Roots' "Tip The Scale" a bit--and Joey laments about the crossroads he's at in his life. Does he continue a downward spiral, or choose the path of stability and goodness? There's pressure pushing in both directions, and Joey and Fly come across like two souls beaten by the difficulty of such a choice.

Look for Bada$$'s forthcoming 1999 project, which will drop on June 12th.