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Guerilla Toss - Flood Dosed EP

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Guerilla Toss brings the new age rage on latest EP Flood Dosed, out September 25 via DFA. It forecasts the group's follow-up to 2013's Gay Disco, which according to the band ought to be out within the next few months. In the meantime, they're hitting the road:

9/17 Philadelphia PA @ Everybody Hits
9/18 Philadelphia PA @ Haverford College
9/19 Long Island NY @ Huntington Rd. Beach Club
9/26 Queens NY @ Riis Park Beach Bazar
9/27 Brooklyn NY @ Shea Stadium
9/28 Providence RI @ Aurora
10/3 Chicago IL @ Hyde Park Free Theater
10/9 Brooklyn NY @ Palisades
10/10 Portland ME @ Waking Windows fest
10/13 Harrisonburg VA @ Golden Pony *
10/14 Athens OH @ House Show *
10/15 Chicago IL @ Secret Location *
10/16 Toronto ON @ 8-11 Dungeon *
10/17 Montreal ON @ Drones *
10/18 Burlington VT @ The Sink *
10/19 Boston MA @ Cantab Lounge *
10/22 Poughkeepsie NY @ Vassar College
10/23 Amherst MA @ Hampshire College
10/24 Amherst MA @ Amherst College
10/31 Brooklyn NY @ Palisades

*w/ Buck Gooter

Hypercolor - Self-Titled

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Hypercolor is a NYC trio making its self-titled debut on "downtown" figurehead John Zorn's Tzadik imprint later this month. Unsurprisingly, the threesome comprised of guitarist Eyal Maoz, bassist James Ilgenfritz, and drummer Lukas Ligeti (all of whom are accomplished composers and improvisers) delivers the label's trademark brand of controlled improvisation. However, the band's deceptively simple setup proves to be another welcome take on Zorn's "game piece" mentality; the result a work of spastic jazz-rock that courts entropy for the entirety of its playtime. This act is aptly named - Hypercolor will likely be among the most vibrant  blasts of rock music this year.

Look out for this thing, due to drop 15 January via Tzadik.

Guerilla Toss - Smack the Brick EP

New TrackstheneedledropComment Everybody's favorite funked-out, rock-out-with-your-pud-out, no-wave five-piece Guerilla Toss is back and funkier than ever with this new four track EP, Smack the Brick. The project finds the Allston act continuing to tighten their compositions, evoking something like a primeval Talking Heads with their now rather danceable grooves. It's a far cry from the improvised punk stylings of, say, the band's self-titled Tzadik debut, but I think they're doing a nice balancing act of loose and tight at the moment, so I can't really complain. Besides, they apparently have a split thing with B L A C K I E coming up, which may well see the return of their more free-improvised side. Until then, check out Smack the Brick above and enjoy!

Can Can Heads - Butter Life

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A few months back, Finland's Can Can Heads delivered a wonderful little musical curiosity in the form of their second full-length effort Butter Life. The group has actually been around since 1993 and has pretty much been doing whatever the fuck they want the entire time - very noisy, spastic, no-wavey rock for the most part. That's what you get here on Butter Life, too, but the band's material is so brisk, it always feels fresh. So, if you're a fan of noise rock or are big into Finland's experimental music scene (and with music like this, how could you not be?), then give this LP a shot. Happy listening!

Butter Life is out now via Karkia Mistika Records, Verdura Records, and Bottom of the Pops.