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Kero Kero Bonito - "Only Acting"

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Kero Kero Bonito is back with a new single called "Only Acting," which is being heralded as their first song to prominently feature rock instrumentation. The hook is power pop bliss, but there's a bit of a dark undercurrent to the whole thing, which I at first suspected came simply from the uncanny VHS quality of the music video. But of course that darkness eventually comes to the surface when the song (to steal a reference from the YouTube comment section) goes Doki Doki on our asses.

No word on a new album just yet, but I can already tell this'll be the one to convert Myke C-Town, mark my words. In the meantime, you can find Anthony's review of the band's debut LP Bonito Generation here.


No Age - "Send Me"

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The post-shoegaze, post-post-noise, and post-post-post-punk duo No Age has been building up to the release of their fourth album since the end of last year. Snares Like a Haircut is set to drop on January 26 via Drag City, and "Send Me" is the latest teaser from it.

I've been listening to No Age for ten years now, and "Send Me" sounds like one of the freshest and most emotive songs they've ever released. The moody vibe of this cut is in stark contrast to the whirlwind of speed and sound for which No Age is typically known. Dean Spunt's vocals come off surprisingly dejected and confessional. Meanwhile, Randy Randall's psychedelic guitar layering is more surreal and intoxicating than ever.