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OFF! - "Hypnotized"


OFF! drops a new video for "Hypnotized," which features a comedic altercation between two patriotic superheroes in ridiculous costumes. While the storyline is pretty zany, it's really the antics and food-for-thought lyricism of frontman Keith Morris that make me wanna jump out of my chair and put my fist through my computer screen. UGH!

Look for OFF!'s latest album, Wasted Years, on Vice Records this April.

OFF!- "Wrong"


California punk revivalists OFF! drop a new, hilarious video featuring Jack Black and the dudes from OFF! in the midst of some kind of backstreet brawl that would have taken place in some kind of low-budget action movie that was shot in the 70s.

Check my review of OFF!'s new album here.

OFF!- "Wiped Out"

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Punk super group OFF! have released a new video for their track "Wiped Out," and it aptly features many wipe outs. This song oozes with and old school skatepunk mentality, so it is only right that a lot of the clips featured here skateboard wipe outs. These are done in montage with surfing spills, the band playing, a mosh pit, making out, and, of course, a girl wearing only a jacket holding a gun.

Look for their self-titled album to drop May 8 on Vice.

OFF!- "King Kong Brigade"

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[audio: king kong brigade.mp3] Unlike most revivalist hardcore groups, the members of LA's punk supergroup OFF! were actually around in the 80s to make the kind of music that they're now emulating. Also unlike many revivalist groups, they don't try to hide it at all. Everything about this band is straight up derived from 1980s hardcore, and they couldn't care one bit what anyone thinks about that. Even the cover to their new self-titled record might as well have actually been drawn in 1981 itself, since it was designed by none other than the legendary hardcore artist Raymond Pettibon.

Off!'s self-titled record is due out May 8th, and will be the followup to their 2010 First Four EPs series. "King Kong Brigade" is the first track to drop from that record, and although it isn't quite as manic, brief, or intense as most of the tracks on those early EPs, it's still distinctly OFF!. Keith Morris' vocals in particular stand out; it's clear that Morris has only gotten more snarly and angry with middle age. Stream the track above, and pick up the OFF! full length when it comes out. Pre-orders have already sold out; tough luck!


Stream Some New Cerebral Ballzy

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Didn't think I'd be typing the words "Adult Swim" into two posts today, but here we are. Not only does Adult Swim currently have their summer singles deelie going on right now, but they've also got tracks from the forthcoming Cerebral Ballzy album on lock, too. I know, not the most serious of band names, but this New York four-piece actually does reach a new level of ballsy. It's to the point where the word's original "s" really doesn't suffice. The four songs Adult Swim has streaming on its site bring that intense speed and volume any great punk act should have, but there's a tooth-gnashing griminess that can't be manufactured. It has to be lived and breathed by the musicians who deliver it.

There's a white-kunckled anger fueling these tracks, too--even the one about cutting class. It's so good, it actually makes me regret never taking up skateboarding.

Stream one of the tracks from the LP below, and scope the album art while you're down there, too. Hear three more tracks from the LP on Adult Swim's website by clicking here, and look for the album's release on July 26th.