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A.A.L (Against All Logic) - "Some Kind of Game"

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This past week, Nicolas Jaar 'covertly' released an album titled 2012-2017 under his Against All Logic alias. As you may have guessed, it compiles much of the material he recorded as A.A.L between those years, including previously released pieces like "I Never Dream" and "Flash in the Pan." One of many highlights among the hour of obscenely groovy deep house is "Some Kind of Game," which you can hear (and dance your ass off to) above. Enjoy!

2012-2017 is out now via Other People.

Dave Harrington - Before This There Was One Heart but a Thousand Thoughts

New TrackstheneedledropComment You probably know Dave Harrington best as the guitarist of Darkside, his collaboration with Nicolas Jaar that yielded the brilliant album Psychic last year. Dave has since put out a couple of tracks through Jaar's Other People label, appearing in issues 38 and 39 of its weekly podcast. Both tracks clock in at around ten minutes each and are made up of presumably Harrington's guitar work maniuplated and stretched into a series of enthralling drones. They've been put together as a sort of 20-minute-long EP (formally his solo debut), with the hefty title Before This There Was One Heart but a Thousand Thoughts. Stream it above via Other People's Soundcloud and lose yourself in the multi-phased ambient and micro-house magic!

Nicolas Jaar - OUR WORLD

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Check out this glorious hour-long mix that Nicolas Jaar made in honor of John Lennon for the 33rd anniversary of his death. There are many standout phases Jaar goes through here, opening with an interview with Lennon; going on to string together various clips of drones, film scores, and experimental piano work; and at one point sampling a bit of Black Friday mayhem. But the highlight is definitely his powerful remix of Lennon's "Oh My Love," which closes out the stream. You can listen to and download it in full above via Soundcloud.

This mix was the 16th issue of the weekly podcast hosted by Jaar's Other People imprint. Check in on its site for a new mix every Sunday.

Darkside - "Paper Trails" (Live RA Session)


Yesterday, Nicolas Jaar and David Harrington--a.k.a. Darkside--kicked off Resident Advisor's new "RA Sessions" series with a bang via a glorious performance of Psychic centerpiece "Paper Trails." Watch as the duo stretches the piece to over twice its original length; it's psychedelic microhouse magic!

Psychic is out now via Jaar's Other People label. We're kind of loving it: