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Parquet Courts - "Pretty Girls Is A Motherfucker" (Joey Pizza Slice Cover)

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Parquet Courts cover Joey Pizza Slice's "Pretty Girls is a Motherfucker." I know what you're thinking: "What the hell is a Joey Pizza Slice?" Well, this is Joey Pizza Slice. Maybe not the hidden musical gem you were hoping for, but Parquet Courts chose a great song to cover here. I mean, the song topic itself fits the band's usual sense of humor perfectly. The fit it so snug one might assume the Courts themselves had written it, but the band does right by Joey via a shoutout in the second half of the song. Those Parquet Courts are always a class act!

Parkay Quarts - "Content Nausea"

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Seeing Parkay Quarts, a.k.a. Parquet Courts, live at the intimate and classic venue DC9 will forever inform the way vocalist Andrew Savage's singing reaches me. I'm not 100% certain, but I'm fairly sure that he alternated staring down members of the crowd while pummeling them with his trademark rapid fire stream of consciousness lyrics. On most of their records, it can become all too easy to overlook how fast the man sings, but watching him perform these songs in person while staring straight through me and other audiences members truly emphasized this talent. Well, "Content Nausea" captures that experience and even amplifies it. The song begins with a sauntering drum roll and polite yet punky guitar, before Savage's word urgent but nonsensical monologue spills out and overtakes the song. Like it's taken by a sudden bout of nausea, the instrumentation disintegrates from its previous structure to wailing noise. "Please stop!" it almost pleads, but thankfully Savage doesn't. He wouldn't be so savage if he did.

This track comes from Parquet Courts' latest album via What's Your Rupture?, which can be picked up here.

- Garrett Cottingham

Parquet Courts and PC Worship - "Fell into the Wrong Crowd"

New TrackstheneedledropComment Can't say I was expecting this: an 11-minute collaborative live recording from PC Worship and the New York post-punks over at Parquet Courts. Isn't it "Parkay Quarts" now? Who knows? I certainly don't know if the song at all works, especially with its disgustingly distorted vocal, but I'll give it credit for being an interesting, left-field turn at the very least. Granted, it's not nearly as profound as anything off that other garage rock/post-punk surprise from earlier this year.

Parkay Quarts has a new album on the way called Content Nausea. It's out November 11 via What's Your Rupture? and doesn't feature this track. It'll be the band's second album this year, after Sunbathing Animal, whose review you'll find below:

Parquet Courts - "Black and White"

New TrackstheneedledropComment After dropping the rigid, rollicking title track from their sophomore album Sunbathing Animal last month; Parquet Courts are now offering a second glimpse of the project via the considerably wilder "Black and White." The song features the band's trademark snarky vocals, but throws a couple of great guitar and electronic freak-outs into the mix. Check it out above and enjoy!

Sunbathing Animal is due out June 3 via What's Your Rupture? and Mom + Pop. A gentle reminder their debut album was pretty sick.