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Portal - "Curtain"


This past Halloween, Australian death metal outfit Portal shared this spooky music video for Vexovoid cut "Curtain." The short was adapted from Edgar Allen Poe's "The Conqueror Worm," using puppets to re-tell the story. Choice imagery includes a ghoulish orchestra bowing their instruments with femurs, and the titular toothed worm rising up into the theatre.

Check out the video for "Curtain" above, and watch a review of Vexovoid here:

Portal - Vexovoid

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Australian death metal outfit Portal has a sound that impenetrably thick and noisy, and they use it to bombard listeners with an ever-changing series of riffs and dismal melodies. However, when it comes to the composition of these riffs and melodies, the album is pretty run-of-the-mill by death metal standards