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Coin Locker Kid - Traumnovelle

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Previously mentioned Coin Locker Kid has one of the most unorthodox approaches to hip hop that I've heard in the past few years. I didn't love the last full-length I heard from him, but I still left puzzled by his odd rhymes, stories, and instrumentals.

There's a clear hip hop influence running throughout his music, but electronic and experimental music guide a lot of the compositions on this new project as well. The title of this thing: Traumnovelle. It's available now via Already Dead Tapes, and you can purchase this album via cassette here.

Quelle Chris - "Ghost At The Finish Line"

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When you're making money, and spending it frivolously, everybody comes around to be your "friend." That's pretty much the story behind the title track from Quelle Chris' latest record, which dropped last year on Mello Music Group.

Chris recently dropped a video for the song, which features a pretty interesting visual aesthetic; creating a really cartoony look using black lights and neon props. Kudos to director Andrew Juncker.

Check a review for Ghost At The Finish Line below:

YC The Cynic - "Hunts Point Diaspora"

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New York rapper YC the Cynic drops a b-side from his last full-length LP, GNK, which you can catch a review for below.

A lot like many cuts from GNK, YC delivers smart rhymes over a moody beat with some sharp rhythms. Seeing that this guys "throwaways" are great gives me hope that his future output will continue to be stunning.