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Antemasque - Self-Titled

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The debut full-length from Antemasque is finally out! There's been a lot of buzz building behind the album of this technically new band, but the project's two lead members have pretty strong reputations in the world of rock music. Thanks to bands like At the Drive-In and Mars Volta, there's really no reason a modern rock fan should be a stranger to Omar Rodríguez-López and Cedric Bixler-Zavala. This latest project of theirs is one of their most straightforward efforts, too. It definitely surpasses the last Volta album in terms of accessibility and hook power, I think.

If you're in the mood for some "NO BS" rock tunes with some strong lead vocals, try this out.

The Men - "Another Night"

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We recently mentioned the New York band The Men back when they dropped the song "Pearly Gates." It was the first song the increasingly versatile group released from their forthcoming album, Tomorrow's Hits. "Another Night" marks the release of another track from this forthcoming LP, and it shows the band being completely unafraid to capture that old time rock 'n' roll vibe. There are some feel-good horns wailing in the background, and that guitar riff has more miles on it than a '56 Buick. Enjoy!

MANKIND - "Blood, Sugar"

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Swedish rock outfit MANKIND has a few songs floating up on SoundCloud at the moment, and they're absolutely over-the-top, ballsy, and in-your-goddamned-face! UGH! GOD! BELHDLHDLGHG!

There are some loud, abrasive elements to this band's music that reminds me quite of bit of progressive punk bands like Refused, but they've got some eccentricities of their own as well. Not only that, but some clear influences coming from the world of garage rock and soul, too. Enjoy!