The Needle Drop

shake the shackles

Crystal Stilts- In Love With Oblivion


On their latest album, Crystal Stilts brings what made their full-length debut great while still adding some extra sounds to the mix. The tunes here are much more upbeat, and there are a few legit hits that sneak their way into the track list like "Shake the Shackles" and "Through the Floor."

In addition to that, piano and organ show up a lot more, too. They actually grab more attention than the guitar a many of these tracks, creating a lazily smashed back beat that reminds me of the Velvet Underground's "Sister Ray"--which isn't a bad tune to share similarities with, honestly.

The lyrics bring up a lot of surrealist imagery, and the invasive reverb only intensifies the dreamy soundscape.

Though Crystal Stilts wear their influences pretty proudly, there's something about them that keeps me from listening to the influences instead. There's spooky and ominous delivery to their music that just hypnotizes me into pressing the play button again and again.