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Naps - 7"

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I seriously challenge any sane person to nap to this EP, I'm pretty sure you would just start blinking wildly.

The reason I say this is because Naps produces music that would be very dreamy and comforting ambient music, if it wasn't for the skips and off-beats lining each and every track. While it doesn't make good sleep music it certainly makes for a compelling listen, the off nature of it all just kept me sitting on the edge of my chair creating a sort of discomfort. I really love it when music can have such a physical effect on a person, and that's just what Naps achieves here.

Stream the New High On Fire Album: De Vermis Mysteriis

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Stream: High On Fire- De Vermis Mysteriis The new High On Fire album won't officially be out until next week, but you can experience the heavy, crushing guitars and Matt Pike's relentless vocals right now through the NPR Music stream linked above. Enjoy responsibly. More volume, more results. Wake the neighbors. Win friends. Influence people. All that.

If you remember the post for "Fertile Green" earlier this year, you know Converge's Kurt Ballou produced this record. On numerous albums, I've praised this guy's ability to record a great metal record, and I have to do that again this time around, too. While 2010's Snakes For the Divine had HOF's trademark aggression, the bassy thickness just wasn't as prevalent. Thankfully, Ballou has brought it back, and the resulting rush of sound has inspired the band to start flexing with a little more melody and some stellar drum fills. Can't wait to talk about it next week!

Ganglians- "Sleep"

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For the price of an e-mail address, Ganglians is giving away another track from its forthcoming album: Still Living. On "Sleep," the vocals seem to be taking a significant step past all the effects and reverb to perform a pretty strong vocal. It's like the band has decided to stop allowing its production be the most defining characteristic about the music, which it an admirable move. There's even an impressive vocal harmony that bursts into final climax before it peters out into serenity.

Still Living is set for an August 23rd release via Lefse.