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Snake Oil - "Forget the Year of Fevers"

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Later this month, the 10-piece Connecticut instrumental rock outfit Snake Oil will be releasing its sophomore LP, The Train Is White & The Moon Is Strong. Above, check out album cut "Forget the Year of Fevers," a bright, psychedelic, and jazzy jam with a simple, yet infectious groove. It's absolutely euphoric, and thankfully, the band's typically pristine production continues to be a huge selling point. Enjoy!

The Train Is White & The Moon Is Strong is due out October 15 via the band's Snake Oil Sounds label. Check out a review of its self-titled debut here:

Stream the New Snake Oil 7"

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Earlier this year, I reviewed the instrumental psych rock debut of Connecticut band Snake Oil. The band is planning on kicking off 2012 with the release of a new 7" EP. It will feature two new songs, and will be limited to 100 physical copies. The songs featured will be "I Exit the Smallest Apartment In the Most Dangerous City," and "I Have the Fury of My Own Momentum." Both tracks can be streamed above, and pre-ordered here.

On these two songs, Snake Oil is making some very audible alterations to the musical recipes on its debut album. There are some nice touches of horn here, and every just feels a bit more fiery this time around.

Here is the EP's cover art:

Snake Oil- Self-Titled

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Snake Oil's debut LP is a pretty nice piece of instrumental psych rock. The recording of this this is really great, too. It separates the instrumentation perfectly, and swells very nicely when everything layers on top of one another. The melodies are decent, and the grooves are nice, but some of these tracks come off a little flat in the interplay department. At times, it can feel like the drums and everything else are in two completely different worlds. While the skins do their best to throw in fills and build up to certain moments, the guitars and keys tend to carry on like they're the only thing that matters in the mix, which only leads to them missing out on possible moments of syncopation.

There are a couple tracks that strike me as filler, but Snake Oil still pulled together a solid direction on their self-titled debut, and they're off to a great start with these 9 tracks.



Hear Two More Snake Oil Tracks

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"No Feral Animal"

"Jung Greezy"

Connecticut's Snake Oil have dropped its self-titled debut in a self-released and self-produced fashion today, making the album available via digital and vinyl on the Snake Oil website. The band has been kind enough to allow TND to stream two more colorful and psychedelic instrumentals from the album, too.

It all started with "I Was a Total Pyro" and "Can of Love and the Captain," but these two tracks are cut from a much more laid back cloth. The guitar groove that lays over the fuzzy organs on "No Feral Animal" sound like ice cubes dropping on glass, and "Jung Greezy" makes me think of what might happen if the Books were forced to collaborate with Dumbo Gets Mad.

Scope the cover art to this album below, and let me know what you think of the songs above.

Snake Oil- "Can of Love and the Captain"

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At the beginning of April, I blogged a video from an up-and-coming psych rock outfit from my neck of the woods. These guys like to keep things instrumental and slightly anonymous. There's not much to know about the group at this point--outside of the fact that their members are like a rotating cast of ten collaborators hailing from New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts.

Snake Oil's debut album is dropping June 7th. There will be digital downloads and vinyl pressings for all!