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The Best Music of 2013

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Here's a video playlist of segments listing out my favorite albums, singles, eps, and music videos of 2013! You can watch beyond my 2013 and check out what my favorites were from the past several years as well! Happy viewing, and here's to hoping 2014 is just as awesome.

Atlas At Last - Self-Titled

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Some emotional hardcore that features some crushingly passionate melodies on this new EP from Atlas At Last. The second track exemplifies some close attention to detail on the lyrics as well. While I can't see this EP appealing far outside of the already set fanbase boundaries for genres like emo and screamo, it'll surely hit hard for those who are into said style.

Stream it via the widget above, and grab it via a pay-what-you-want sorta thing via Bandcamp. Enjoy!

Royal Headache - "Stand and Stare" / "Give It All To Me"

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Australian garage punk outfit Royal Headache has a new single out for the track "Stand and Stare" b/w "Give It All To Me." The band still brings their speed, energy, and soulful vocals to the table; however, the recording it a little clearer this time around, which is pretty nice. I'd say the songs are a bit more melodic as well--or at least the melodies aren't drowned out like they were on the band's reverb-soaked debut. Nothing much else to say other than we've got two solid tracks from a rock band worth rooting for! Enjoy!

Airbird & Napolian - "In The Zone" / "Special"

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Two bouncy, colorful house tracks from Airbird & Napolian streaming via the widget above, and they've got a pretty warped and wonky vibe to 'em. Moments on "In The Zone" give off some pretty nostalgic and chillwave-esque vibes, but I think you'll find "Special" to be much more driving and infectious.

According to Cascine Records, these guys should be dropping a collaborative full-length this winter! Enjoy!

Shizune- Mono No Aware: Between Eternity and the Burial

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Italy's Shizune, which is a group of post-hardcore revivalists that I've featured on the site before, have a new EP streaming on their Bandcamp, and the band's production sounds slightly improved. Nice! Of course, their tight playing, passionate vocals, and ferocity are maintained on what is, to my knowledge, their second release of 2012.