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Beach Fossils - Somersault

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4 years after Beach Fossils' great sophomore album Clash the Truth, the Brooklyn band has returned with their most lavish effort yet. I can still commend the band for not shamelessly trend-chasing like many of their dreamy, jangly contemporaries, but unfortunately the pastiche of '60s pop sounds they serve up here isn't enough to distract from some pretty bland songwriting.

Hospitality- "Betty Wang"

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A track from the forthcoming self-titled Hospitality record, "Betty Wang." This outfit is from New York, and that becomes clear upon closer inspection of the lyrics sung by frontwoman Amber Papini. She romanticizes the Big Apple as if it's never been done before, showing off a fresh and youthful attitude in the process.

If you're into the light and innocent rock grooves of groups like Belle & Sebastian or Camera Obscura, this is a must.

Look for Hospitality on Merge Records at the end of this month.