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ty segall

Fuzz - Self-Titled

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As Fuzz, Ty Segall and Charlie Moothart bring the incredibly high level of distortion and energy you'd expect from a Ty-affiliated album. However, there are a slew of different factors keeping this record from sticking out in Ty's ever-growing discography: production, songwriting, vocals. All of these things keep Fuzz from feeling like a truly distinct moment--even though Ty and Charlie are shooting for an entirely different style of rock on this record. While I did like much of what Fuzz had to offer, the lack of finer details and ambition keep this LP from having much shelf life for me, honestly.

Mikal Cronin - "Shout It Out"

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Multi-instrumentalist, Ty Segall collaborator, and songwriter Mikal Cronin has a new album on the way via Merge Records in May, and "Shout It Out" is the first track to drop from it. It's a sweet and slightly lo-fi piece of pop rock that feels simultaneously sentimental and thrilled. Enjoy!