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Austen's Faves of 2015

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10/19 EDIT: While working on my decade list, I decided to return to this first year-end list I wrote for TND; however, instead of taking a pleasant stroll down memory lane, I stepped onto hot coals. Look, there were originally album-by-album write-ups down below, but they were meager and, well, utter shit. The formatting was ugly as well, so I just replaced it all with a slideshow, leaving the selection intact mostly for posterity’s sake. The most glaring omission for me in hindsight was Jim O’Rourke’s Simple Songs, the first album over which Anthony and I butted heads—maybe that was a souring factor. Whatever the reason, it was a hell of an oversight, so I amended the previous version accordingly. The rest held up pretty well. If you too stumble across this page several years after the fact, hopefully you’ll still get something out of the picks: