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Austen's Mid-Year Faves 2018

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Hey NeedleDrops, it's ya boy Literally Who back with another (albeit paltry) list. At this time last year, I went all-out with a mid-year top 10, prematurely blowing my load on some of the albums that would end up making and even topping my 2017 list. This time I'm basically keeping it to shout-outs... and I didn't even muster a top 10, so I'm especially half-assing it. Though, in my defense, I'm still in the refractory period following my Koz review. Without further ado, here's my current 'loved list' for 2018:


I will say that although I only came up with a top 8, I REALLY love the above releases. So, it's certainly been a half-year of quality if not quantity. For now I'm splitting a spot between DAYTONA and ye for obvious contextual reasons, but I'm also enjoying both about equally so far. I'm more fascinated by the latter, though, which may give it the edge. I feel as if all the other names on the list should be familiar as well, particularly if you've been following my yearly articles. That is with the exception of Haru Nemuri, whose music I discovered just recently. Really, if there's one takeaway from this sorry excuse for a list it's to check out her shit 'cause it's sick! Her sound on Haru to Shura is a marriage of J-pop, rap, noise rock, and just a bit of electronic experimentation that goes off without a hitch. I'll link to one of the songs I'm addicted to below.

Happy listening, and thanks as always for reading.

Forever, Austen