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Playlist: Valentine's Day 2016 (Soul & Kink)

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Making a Valentine's Day playlist is a regular thing here at The Needle Drop. Last year's featured just about everything from Run the Jewels to Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, but this year Anthony pretty much had his heart stuck on one genre — soul. So what you're getting this time is a set of 20 soul songs that you can share with that special someone in your life, or enjoy by yourself if that's how you roll. Really, there's so much soul in this thing that it's practically obscene...

In an attempt to curb the syrupy romanticism of Anthony's playlist (and to some extent chase the meme), I've compiled 14 tracks that might appeal to a sense of twisted passion in you. There are some people who like to live dangerously when it comes to their sex lives and they deserve some V-Day tunes as well. Just keep it consensual, alright?

[Pretend the Burial Hex track is #14; it's great and I didn't wanna leave it out just because it's not on Spotify.]